Trying to quit smoking? Read this V2 review to find out all about the most popular cigarette replacement

So you’ve had enough of the smell, the cost and the social stigma of smoking tobacco products. You may want to quit completely but do not quite have the willpower, or you may not want to quit but are looking for a cheaper, more fragrant and socially acceptable alternative. In addition to the issues already mentioned, there are also serious health risks associated with smoking tobacco products.

I’ve tried gum and patches and they haven’t really helped me, so what else is there?

One of the more recent inventions to assist smokers in giving up their tobacco products is the electronic cigarette. These devices provide doses of nicotine through the vaporisation of nicotine infused liquid rather than the burning of tobacco. Just about the most popular brand on the market is V2. This V2 review aims to provide you with just some of the facts about V2 cigs that may help you decide whether this is a route for you.

The V2 review of the express starter pack

V2 offers a range of starter kits that cater for all smoking levels and budgets. For those who just want to give V2 a try there is the V2 Express Kit. This is the most basic of the kits and comprises an express USB charger, a standard automatic white battery and a single flavoured cartomiser. Even with this basic kit you can select between one of two basic flavours, the V2 red or menthol. Each of these is available in three strengths 18, which is full strength, 12, medium strength, or 6, light. The battery looks like the white part of the cigarette and the cartomiser, which is a combined catridge and atomiser, looks like the filter. Each cartomiser contains enough liquid to replace around a pack of normal cigarettes, but this is dependent on your smoking style.


Are the cartridges limited to normal and menthol flavours?

If you buy the express kit, then yes. However, for the larger starter kits there is a large range of flavours available including cherry, peppermint, vanilla and Sahara. Some contain nicotine, whereas some contain non-nicotine e-liquids.


What is an e-liquid according to V2 review?

An e-liquid is a V2 proprietary invention that combines propylene glycol, water, nicotine or non-nicotine contents and flavourings. The liquid is held in the cartomiser and when it is attached to the battery the liquid is heated to give off a vapour that is inhaled in the same way that cigarette smoke is. It will become clear when the cartridge is running out as the vapour will become weak and the flavour will take on a slightly burnt taste.

When a cartridge runs out it can simply be unscrewed from the battery and thrown away and the next one attached. In this way the V2 smoking alternative experience can be varied as a different flavour can be smoked every time a cartridge is changed. This V2 review is a quick overview of the basics of the V2 cigarette and how it may be what you are looking for to help you quit smoking.


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